This morning, the company Econia, the manufacturer of drinking water brands Malyutka, Chisty Klyuch, Chaykava was raided. This is reported on the CEO Club Ukraine page on Facebook.

Representatives of Econia told AgroDay that on July 19 at 7 a.m., 15 unknown armed masked men broke into the territory of the company and started to claim their rights to own the company.

According to Evgeny Glebov, director of the public union “Agency for the Support of Entrepreneurship and Investments”, they were brought into the office by one of the local residents.

Unwanted visitors showed documents that allegedly meant that all the rights to Econia belonged to them. In particular, the court decision on the change of the owner of the enterprise, dated July 11.

The management of Econia knows the name of a raider company, but so far they have not disclosed this information.  The enterprise’s PR-service suspects that the attack was carried out by the same people, who in the same way tried to seize Econia in 2009.

At the moment, the company employs lawyers to find out where and from whom the criminals have received false documents for the property. The All-Ukrainian anti-raid headquarters also joined the investigation.

According to Glebov, the attackers were detained by the police until the circumstances are clarified. He revealed part of the raiders’ plan. The court decision made by the attackers recognizes the ownership of the store, which is located at the entrance to the plant and has the same legal address as the plant.

The store is not owned by Econia, but it is not for the first time that a court decision on the alienation of the plant’s property comes to light.